Invitation: Packs of Pasta costumized

- The brand is the name of the celebrated.
- Every pack contains diffent pastas for every guest.


Retro of the pack

- Old photo of the celebrated;
- Headline : "Il Primo Pronto a Tavola" letteraly means "The first is ready at the table". 
It's a pun: "primo" in italy means not only "the first" but also "the first course" 
(In Italy the first course is usually pasta). So there are two differents meanings:
1) the first course is ready at the table to be eaten 
2) The celebrated is ready at the table to eat (cause it's glutton)
-  all the informations about the party and the name of the guest. 

Tomato bottle, place card

- the bottle contains real tomato souce.
- Every bottle repeat the pasta's brand and there's a tag in which is written 
the name of the guest with its correlated pasta's invitation

The end!
Thank you for the attention!

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